We want to help everyone find their place in serving in the church. The Apostle Paul describes the church as ‘one body with many parts’. Which part(s) are you? All functions are vital to the smooth running of the church; done well, all of the tasks below will enable us to function really well at Mariners.

Know that signing up for a team(s):

• Does not tie you in forever! Opt in and out of teams whenever appropriate.
• Does not sign you up to everything that team does. Discuss with the team leader what you can commit to.

If you would like to speak to or meet with Andy about the various serving teams, please contact him on or ring 01452 540307.

Helping run our termly Alpha course by leading or helping a group, or being part of the prayer team.

Making or serving food, clearing up and washing up at events where food is a feature – from weekly Alpha to monthly ‘Bring & Share’ lunches, etc.

Children & Young People
We do not want our children and young people to be an afterthought; they deserve a first class service. We are blessed with amazing kids and we want to serve them well and bless them.

‘One off’ or occasional events in the church require a lot of planning and careful execution. Examples of this are the Official Hall Opening with the Bishop and the 24/2 prayer weekend.

Setting up and serving refreshments at our celebrations, putting out the flags, welcoming people as they arrive, giving out bulletins, overseeing the offering, setting up for communion.

With two buildings to look after, there are plenty of small practical jobs that need attending to. Don’t worry – we get experts in for the bigger jobs.

Prayer Ministry
If you have been at Mariners for at least six months and you would like to be considered for the prayer ministry team, there will be an opportunity for training coming up soon!

Ensuring that the sound and vision at all our gatherings is working well. Helping set up for our gatherings. Some technical knowledge is desirable, though not essential. Training is available.

Social Transformation
We are looking to establish this ministry to the more vulnerable in our community in 2014 with, among other things, weekly meal provision and caring for ex-offenders.

Ferrying some of our ‘non driving’ members to and from church gatherings. This is really important, especially to keep our older members connected.

We are blessed with great worship at Mariners. The team has expanded rapidly recently, but there are many demands for worship at Mariners. So, let us know if you would like to be considered for this.