Becoming a Christian

You may feel that you would like to live with God (rather than separate from Him) and discover the exciting and fulfilling life that He wants you to enjoy.  Coming into relationship with Him is as simple as the ABC:

A     Admit you have done wrong things and say sorry.  Turn away from those things.

B     Believe that Jesus died in order to bring you forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

C     Commit your life to God and receive His free gift of forgiveness, friendship and freedom from guilt, shame and fear.

If you are ready to do the ABC, you can do so simply by praying the following prayer.  If you say the prayer (and you really mean it), you are drawing a line under the past.  God truly forgives you and gives you a fresh start.  Your relationship with Him begins.

Father God

I am sorry for the things that I have done wrong.

[Ask for forgiveness for anything that comes to mind now].

Help me to turn away from everything I know to be wrong.

Thank you for sending your son Jesus to die on the cross

so that I could be forgiven and free to enjoy a relationship with you.

From now on, I want to live in relationship with you.

Please come and live in me by your Holy Spirit

And give me the assurance of your forgiveness and love.

Thank you.  Amen.

God took you seriously long before you took Him seriously and He is keen to show you how He can change your life for the better.

See ‘Next Steps’ for the further steps you need to take in order to grow in your Christian faith.