Life Groups

At Mariners, we have both midweek and interest Life Groups. The two types of group meet in alternate weeks, so you can attend both types of group but still only be out onceĀ a week.

Interest life groups generally run for a term and are great places for people to come together with shared passions. They are also good to invite friends to who have little or no interest in the Christian faith, as they are not so much Christian groups as groups populated by [mainly] Christians doing fun things together! You can sign up for them using the links below.

Midweek life groups generally run longer term and meet throughout the city and outer areas in people’s homes. We love midweek life groups because:

  • They provide a place for meaningful friendships to develop.
  • They foster mutual support and encouragement.
  • They provide an opportunity to learn and grow together in the Christian faith.
If you would like to join a midweek life group, simply email

Sign up below for Interest life groups

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