Life Groups

At Mariners, we run a wide range of Life Groups for people of faith and for people of none! The main purpose of the groups is to provide ways of connection in a society where there is an epidemic of loneliness (and not just among the elderly).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most Life Groups will run termly for between 8-10 weeks only. They will have a clear start and end date.
  • Some Life Groups will run for longer for the sake of continuity and building meaningful relationships.
  • Groups fall into three categories:
  1. Course Life Groups, eg Alpha, Kingdom Come, Keep your Love On, Apologetics.
  2. Faith Life groups, with a focus on a Bible book or theme, or a Christian book.
  3. Interest Life groups, eg leisure cycling, badminton, prayer walking, helping refugees, etc.
  • Each group will only run in a given term if there is enough take up for it.

Click here for the booklet for this term’s courses.

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Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind –
Befriending Refugees/Asylum Seekers –