Good News Stories

Praise-150x150At Mariners, we love to celebrate what God is doing among us for a number of reasons:

  • God is at work TODAY; it’s not merely historical! He is alive and well and busy at work demonstrating what His Kingdom looks like.
  • When God comes, He brings His Kingdom with Him. When His Kingdom comes, the lost are saved, the sick are healed and the oppressed are set free.
  • The stories keeps us encouraged. In our broken world, there is much to be discouraged about. We love to celebrate good news; the stories below are encouraging and breed hope that more good news is not far behind. The stories now are too numerous to list; below are a selection.
  • It raises our faith. As we see God at work, we begin to believe for more and better. It stirs up courage and boldness as we seek breakthroughs in areas where we have seen God move before.
  • It gives God the glory. We think this is really important. We give Him all the credit, recognizing that we do not have the power to accomplish most of the things reported below. We think that the more we give God the credit that is rightly His, the more He is inclined to do among us.

We publish the stories regularly through our weekly bulletin which you can sign up for elsewhere on our website, and through social media, eg Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a sample selection of the many Good News stories we have recorded just this year. There are simply too many to record them all.


Back (20 May 2018)

Dave came to the Thurs lunch celebration. He had been struggling with sciatica for about six weeks. He said his leg felt like a concrete block. There was numbness in his buttock, leg and foot. He couldn’t manage stairs very well at all and he could only walk very, very slowly. He hadn’t suffered with sciatica before.

At the end of the Thurs celebration, we prayed for healing. Dave said it felt like someone running a finger down his leg. He felt cool all over, but particularly cold in the affected area. As we continued to pray, there was improvement, but not complete breakthrough. We asked him if he needed to forgive anyone and he said he did – a family member. During this time, he felt overwhelming sadness and burst into tears. He said he couldn’t stop crying. After he had prayed a prayer of forgiveness, he felt calmer. We prayed about three times. After each time, Dave tested out his leg and it got easier and easier. He could manage the step at the front of church without pain, and walking was also easier. By the time we had finished, he said it was at least 80% better.

We suggested Dave come forward for prayer on Sunday morning if it wasn’t completely resolved by then, and he did. He said he had done more forgiving since Thurs. As we prayed, he felt sadness again (as he had on Thurs) and wept for a while. After we prayed, Dave said it felt another 10-15% better. He went out with his wife Marie on Sunday afternoon with only a little stiffness afterwards. Today, he said it is at least 95% better.

Heart Palpitations (24 May 2018)

Freya says, “About 6 years ago I started having heart palpitations. Over a period of months they got progressively worse until it was happening multiple times a day, and causing me a lot of discomfort and anxiety. Despite a range of tests, the cause wasn’t found. I was prescribed beta-blockers to control the symptoms and told it would probably continue that way indefinitely. I had nasty side-effects from the drugs and made the decision to stop the treatment and just live with the palpitations.

By this point, about 2 years had passed and I had recently started coming to Mariners. I went on an Alpha course and in the week on healing, the group was given the opportunity to pray for each other. I volunteered and my Alpha group, many of them non-believers or in the early stages of their faith journey, prayed for me.

About a week later, it suddenly hit me that I had experienced no episodes, for the first time in about 2 years. Now, nearly 4 years later, I only experience palpitations once every few months and they are very minor compared to before. This was a condition which had the potential to dramatically impact the rest of my life, and I am incredibly thankful for the healing I have received. It goes to show that God really does work even through the prayers of people with a tiny amount of faith!”

Recovering Lost Items (31 May 2018)

Ioana reports, “Yesterday in our Life Group we were talking about praying for lost things. Well, Liam’s van got broken into 6 months ago and he had his wallet stolen. In a miraculous way, three months later, his wallet together with his electrical cards got returned to him – it was left by the burglars on someone’s fence; that someone happened to be Liam’s auntie’s mother!

The only thing that was still missing from his wallet was his driving licence. This was the thing I thought about yesterday in our session as we discussed praying for lost things. Today, working from home, I heard a knock on the door. I answered it to a gentleman who had been out walking his dog when he found Liam’s driving licence (missing for 6 months, remember) on the floor a few streets away! The gentleman had two crosses around his neck and I knew immediately that God was at work here! Praise the Lord!”


Reorientation (2 June 2018)

Nam says, “I am blown away by God’s goodness to me in the past few months. Returning from Thailand has been a huge decision for me, and one that took a lot of prayer and soul searching. Yet I had a deep seated peace before and after returning, that it was indeed the right decision, one that pleased God. I have felt so loved and so quickly accepted into the Mariners family that it has caused others to ask how it could be that I felt such a sense of belonging in a place I only lived for one year before leaving for Thailand, and a church I was only part of for a few months of that year. It is a testament to God’s love operating through you at Mariners; God’s family at its best. As a result, I have had the smoothest re-entry imaginable – a time that could have been fraught with grief, conflicted emotions and pain has been painted with joy over and above all those emotions, which I have been able to process healthily in community. Thank you for being God’s family to me, and let’s keep persevering in being family to each other, looking out for those on the fringes or who need to belong.

In addition, God has opened so many doors to me that only He could open: work, connections with Thai people locally, places of rest and life-giving relationships. He knows my needs, he cares deeply about them and He takes pleasure in meeting them. This is our God!”


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