Who are Celebrations for?

Can I come to Church if I haven’t been before?

Yes!  It doesn’t matter how long ago it is since you last went to a Church, or if you never have been before. You are always welcome to join us at any of our celebrations, courses or events.  There is always a friendly welcomer at the door and a welcome desk on Sunday mornings where you can find out more about what’s going on.

What should I wear?!

Whatever you want! There is no dress code. Some people like to come to Church dressed quite smartly and some people like to come in jeans and t-shirts (and hoodies when it’s cold)! We want you to be comfortable wearing whatever you want. Just be aware that it can get a bit chilly in the Church in the winter, so an extra layer is always a good idea.

Do I have to join in?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. We will say some of the things we believe together but, if you don’t want to say those things, then you do not have to; you are welcome to just listen. If you don’t want to sing, again you can simply listen. You are not expected to take communion, pray or do anything which you don’t feel comfortable doing. We gather and say and sing these things each week because we believe they are life changing truths; we don’t make people believe what we do or say things they don’t believe. You can just sit and listen if you would prefer.

Can children come too?

YES, we would love them to! Children of any age are always welcome at any of our services – even if they’re noisy! On Sunday mornings, there are separate activities for them.